Are unecessary homework amounts too much for students to handle?

Photo Credit: Dean Garrison

It is almost impossible nowadays to go through a school day without hearing multiple people complaining about the amount of homework they have. Sure, it can get annoying, but homework is often given at large amounts. Homework is usually assigned by all teachers, accumulating to around two hours a night. Such substantial amounts of homework seem unnecessary, and teachers should not assign this much homework. It is a lot for students to handle, and it is difficult, after being at school for seven hours, to come home to spend the rest of their night completing even more work. Having so much homework to complete and so little time to complete it, numerous students end up either doing a mediocre job, or failing to complete their work at all.

School already puts enough pressure on students, pushing them to excel and to perform well during tests and in class. Students spend at least seven hours at school, and go through five academic classes every day. Often, students will participate in afterschool activities as well. Most do not return home until around six. After such a stressful day, students should have a chance to relax and have some free time for themselves. Instead, though, they have to do homework for another two hours. As a result, getting a sufficient amount of sleep is nearly impossible. Some students even get as little as five hours of sleep each night. This is unhealthy, and at school, it is hard for students to concentrate and their performance on tests and work plummets. Homework could, in fact, be causing a number of students’ grades to drop.

Photo Credit: DotNetNuke Corporation

Teachers will often say that it is necessary for students to have homework to practice different concepts. Students do need to practice, but making students complete homework does not ensure that students are getting to know the concepts better. Because they want to complete their work as soon as possible, students often rush through their homework. They will either make up answers for ungraded homework, or do a mediocre job on graded assignments. Some end up not doing it at all. They know that homework does not have a big impact on their grade, so they do not see it as important to do a good job. A better solution would be for teachers to assign less homework, having students do more work in class if they feel extra practice is necessary. Assigning unnecessary amounts of homework is not helpful, as most students do not even take it seriously. It is an extra burden that students do not need on top of all the other stresses of everyday life.


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