The School Dress Code- Yes or No


The dress code at the school should be changed in the Middle School.  The current dress code is unfair not just for the boys, but for the girls too.  I have a few things that I think should be changed in the dress code for the boys and the girls.  The current dress code for the girls is the pants can not be double stitched. We also can not have rivets on our pants. The skirts have to be at your knee or an inch above. Only shirts with a high collar are acceptable.  The current dress code for the boys is a collared dress shirt and it must be tucked in. They also must have a full-length necktie or a bow tie.  They have to wear dress pants or khakis with a belt.  They also have to have a clean and shaven face. If they have sideburns they have to be ending at the bottom of the ear lobe.

In my opinion, the dress code should be changed. I think that we should be able to wear pants with rivets. I think that our shirts should not have to be up to our collarbone. These are not clothes that we would normally buy and or wear.  It costs more money to have to buy clothes that we would not normally wear and just wear those clothes only at school. You will also have to have more space at home to be able to hold all the clothes that you have.  It is also really hard in the morning to have to pick out clothes because you have to make sure everything matches and looks good on.  I think that the boys dress code is a lot stricter, but a lot more easier in the morning.  The boys have to wear khaki pants and a shirt and tie. The pants also can not have rivets on them. The shirts have to be buttoned all the way to their neck.

In contrast, people might think the dress code is a good thing. Having a dress code means that people might look the same. It eliminates the competition to out dress our peers.  It also makes us look more sophisticated when people visit our campus. However, although these are valid points, the current dress code is still unfair to the students.

In conclusion, the current dress code is unreasonable. It is too expensive, uncomfortable, stressful, and it takes up too much space in a closet. The dress code should be re-evaluated and rewritten. It has been a long time since the dress code has been changed. It has cost people too much money. Please change the dress code now.


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