Why Schools should Incorporate Computers more in School

I think that every school should have at least a two to one ratio for computers with internet access or have a laptop crate. Some schools cannot afford this, but these schools are probably really poor and the government should help the school in finances.

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If students have the opportunity to use computers or laptops then students can excel in their learning. Right now the USA student to computer with internet access ratio is three to one, was three to eight in 2005.Right now, every school in the US has at least one computer or laptop cart with internet. Also, fifty-one percent of computers are less than a year old. That means that old computers are being used in school with old operating system, thus making it the computer slower. Then students will be fed up with these slow computers and be discouraged to use them. Even now in school some of our laptops malfunction and students get angry at their laptops and treat them worse, making them slower. With the technology we have today no student should be living without a computer or laptop and at school should be the same These computers, used regularly, teach basic activity and should be more incorporated in the school life. Teachers say that students who are ahead in class take more advantage of computers than other students. Computers also open up the internet for research and then there is Microsoft office that students can learn to create interesting presentations and write documents. There are many features that can be used on a computer that schools should be taking advantage of. This could open up more knowledge to them than the regular class work that they are assigned to do.  When I was in fifth grade, a select few students, included me,  in our class were separated for their exceptional work and we used the computer frequently and made presentations to other classmates. This challenged us more than the class work we were given. Even though computers can distract students, the beneficial features win.

Computers need to be used more in schools. Students can learn more if used in the right way. All of these computers should have internet access and students should be able to use when needed. This will improve teaching lessons and students knowledge and teach them to apply their knowledge. Computers need to be more used in schools.

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