Ties Strangle, Stop the Killing

Photo Credit: most uncool

There are many problems with the current winter dress code. These problems should be adjusted to make the students happier. The majority of the problems are with the boy’s dress code. The girls dress code isn’t very strict at all. The dress codes should be adjusted, so they are fair.

First of all, the dress code isn’t even between boys and girls. Making boys dress more formal, the dress code is very unfair. The boys dress code is much more strict with very few choices as to what you can wear. The only thing you can decide about what you wear is the color; it is required that you wear a button-down shirt, dress pants, a belt, and a noose/tie.Also, messes occur easily. By the end of the day, a boy’s dress clothes are dirty, splattered with rain, spilt food, and dirt. It is much easier for a boy’s clothes to get dirty because a tie hangs. It might get in your food while you eat, get soaked at the water fountain, or even get in a science experiment. All of these things over time will ruin a tie or other objects of clothing. However, the main problem with the dress code is that it doesn’t let us act like regular kids our age that just get to wear t-shirts and jeans.

Photo Credit: minhimalism

They don’t have to tuck their shirts in all the way around like we do; they don’t even have to wear a belt. A definite reason that the boy’s dress code should be altered is that it makes man yboys late for school, causing them to get in trouble. If Dr. Fox or any other teacher wanted to make sure that students get to school on time then the dress code should be altered. When we switched dress codes, students that were usually five or ten minutes late were not just on time, but even a minute or two early. This proves that the winter dress code makes people late for school. Moving on from the boys’ dress code, the girls dress code has much more freedom. Girls pretty much don’t have any restrictions except for the fact that they can’t wear shorts. The girls can wear close to anything they want, unhindered by restrictions.  Also, summer dress code makes people feel happier and more free like a bird. A tie is like a leash on a dog, holding you back from your true potential. If kids are happier than their test scores will go up. The tie doesn’t just hold us back, but it is very hot after gym during the in between months – October and April. During those months we are very hot after gym, insulated with the long dress code clothing. This shows that the summer dress code should end earlier in the fall and start earlier in the spring.

In conclusion, this all proves why the winter dress code is terrible and why we should have summer dress code longer. Kids will tend to get to school on time more often if they don’t have to don the winter dress code. Also, test scores will go up because the kids would be happier due to the summer dress code.


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