The Hunger Games-A Great Read!

Photo Credit: Joannavoz

The Hunger Games is a great book.  “Collins makes it both moving and thought-provoking,” states reviewer Matt Berman.  The author, Suzanne Collins, does a great job with explaining what is going on, making it seem like you are actually in the book.  She also makes it so that the reader is thinking the whole time they are reading it, wondering what what is going to happen next.  This is one of the reasons why I liked this book.  Another reason is because of the way that Collins writes.  It really made me want to continue to read the book, and to continue reading the series.

    I think that everyone above the age of 11 should read The Hunger Games.  I have read this book myself, enjoying it very much, and I know that others of all ages have enjoyed it as well.  Because so many people have read and fell in love with his book, to choose not to read it would be insane.  Reading this book is worth it, even though there are some violent parts that some people may not be happy with.  Reaching further into the book, emotions changed within me, as if I completely understood how the characters felt.  I felt like I could really understand what they felt like and it was like I was really there.

Photo Credit: The Hunger Games Store

Reading The Hunger Games will change how the reader takes what he/she has for granted.  Everyone takes what they have for granted, and this book will show readers that not everyone has what they have, which will show them to not take things for granted.  Taking things for granted is a real problem, and seeing the problems that Katniss and the other characters face with limited resources in dangerous situations will teach people not to.  I think that if more people continue to read this book, they will realize that some people do not have the same things that they have, which will show them to not take what they have for granted.

This is a great book that everyone should read.  It is not only just a great book, but it also comes with a few worthwhile lessons.  Everyone should read The Hunger Games.


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