Pretty Little Liars TV show!

The most popular TV show on ABC family is Pretty Little Liars. Pretty Little Liars is going on it’s 3rd season soon. It is a great TV show and if you like drama and suspense you should definitely be watching it.  The TV show is about four girls who receive strange messages always from -A. These text messages started after their close friend Ally went missing. When the girls received the messages they never knew what to do, and if they should tell anyone about them. Ally ended up dead and the girls try to find out who sends then the text messages and who really killed Ally. Each episode leaves you wondering who it could be, and just when you think you know who it is something happens that leads you to suspect someone else.

The four girls are Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna. They all have different personalities and they are all best friends. Before Alison died they would tell Alison all their secrets. Alison knew everything about the four of them. However, the four girls did not know much about Alison. Alison was the leader of them and the girls would always do what she said.  Alison also bullied a lot of people at their school in Rosewood. When Alison dies they find out a lot about her that they never knew, like the places she’s been and some people she talked to. The kids that Alison used to bully really hated Alison and always wanted to get revenge on what she did to them.

    If you really like suspense, a little romance, and drama you should start watching the show. This popular show is a book so if you like the book you should also read the book. I haven’t read the books yet but I hear they are very good. When I watched the show my eyes were always glued to the TV not wanting to miss anything. When the show is over it is always  so hard waiting a week for it to come back on.


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