Movie Controversy


Photo Credit: k-ideas

The movie The Dictator, which has been set to come out on May sixteenth has been stirring up a good amount of controversy. Some believe that it is a racist stereotype against Middle-Eastern and other countries living through oppressive rule of harsh dictators. However, the movie’s concept has been seen before and has received millions of dollars in profit. It also informs the audience of things that are happening in these nations in a hilarious way.
A reason the movie is a good idea is because the idea of the movie has been used before. In movies such as Borat , directed by the same people as The Dictator , they used the same concept. When the movie was released much controversy came out about the movie. But, foreigners, in Kazakhstan, actually thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I believe that people in other countries will enjoy the movie just like they did in the past.
Another reason the movie is a good idea is because of the popularity movies like it have had in the past. In fact, Borat made over $250,000,000 worldwide. With its multi-million dollar profit it has made, many more (such as The Dictator) are popular. With this I believe that The Dictator is a good idea.
The last reason The Dictator is a good idea is because it shows the culture of other countries through a hilarious and fun way. In these kinds of movies, culture is portrayed through a funny and witty way. This grabs viewers attention and helps them get an idea of what it happening in other countries lesser than theirs.
In conclusion, The Dictator is a good idea because of its profit it will make, educational aspect, and because the concept has been used in the past.


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