Cat Eye To Smokey Eye

Black eyeliner has been a main staple of make-up for many years.  From the iconic Kardashian smokey eye, to Lauren Conrad’s everyday cat wing, black pencil eyeliner has proven to enhance the natural color of your eye, adding an extra pop to your everyday look.  In this blog post, I will help you decide which eyeliner is best for you, comparing different brands and drug store versus professional liners.

ImageDrug store brands are a great alternative to the professional and sometimes expensive eyeliners.  For the most part, they serve the same purpose and are a lot less expensive than say your liners from MAC or Sephora.  The only thing is that the pigment and quality of the ingredients in the eyeliners are lower than the professional brands.  I’ve done tests and comparisons of some revlon and covergirl pencil liners compared to MAC and Urban Decay’s liners to see which is better.  The results were just as I thought they would be.  The drug store brands were less pigmented and a little opaque when they were applied to the skin; whereas the Urban Decay liner was very dark and stayed on when I did the water test.  Drug store liners are very easy to get too.  Going to any local drug store like CVS or Walgreens can get you what you need.  You can also get it at Target or a supermarket in the beauty section of the store.  Drug store brands are a lot cheaper and easier to get and you are paying the right price for what you get.  If you are on a budget and saving up money they are the products out there.

Professional grade eyeliners are great for parties, a dinner night out, or to a regular day at school or work.  When people hear the word professional they think of very expensive things, or stuffthat is not available to the public.  This is false.  Getting professional qualitymake-up is very easy.  You can get it at Sephora or a beauty supply store like Ulta or Sally’s.  Some of the best brands and shades are Urban Decay’s 24/7 glide on pencils in the shade perversion or zero.  They are both solid, very pigmented, jet black pencil liners.  They are applied very easily too, gliding on the skin, creating a smooth line.   Another good eyeliner is MAC’s smolder eye pencil.  It isn’t as pigmented as the Urban Decay liner, but it is a great product.  I personally prefer Urban Decay’s liner for everyday use because it stays on throughout the whole day without smudging or running.  MAC’s liner would be better use for parties or dinners.

I hope this entry has helped you decide which eyeliner is best for you! There aren’t really any bad liners it just depends on what you are looking for, whether you want it to be waterproof, pigmented, or smudge proof.  There are endless possibilities.


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