The Cabin In The Woods, Review!

Watching movies, it’s only fun when you watch a good one. In this economy, who can afford to go and see whichever movie they want? If you are into a good scary movie with a twist then you don’t have to worry. You should see The Cabin In The Woods. It is an amusing, smart movie that has gotten a lot of attention lately. Knowing how many people haven’t been satisfied with movies lately, I highly recommend that you see this movie.

Seeing the trailer for the movie, you wouldn’t think much of it. You might think it would just be another horror movie with no plot at all. In reality this is brilliantly made movie with all of the plot you never expected that it had. The main plot of the movie is a group of 5 kids in college decide to go to a cabin in the woods. Anyone who looks at that plot is immediately thinking its just another horror film. Think again. That is the greatest part of the movie, turning the horror genre upside down. Another superb thing is that horror movies have been around almost as long as the movie itself. That is the true weakness to the genre. You can predict everything that happens every single time. The producers have gotten lazy and are getting away with it. The Cabin In The Woods is a an awakening to the genre itself. It has set the new par for everyone. All of these things set this movie apart from every other movie in the genre.

To set the standard in a movie industry is huge. The horror movie has given itself a bad reputatio and is digging its own grave. The movie has given the industry the spark that it needs to inspire more movies like The Cabin In The Woods.  In retrospect I am giving this movie a 8.7/10 and it is in my top three favorite horror films. Now it is your turn. Go and see this movie!


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