End of an Era?

We have all heard of the famed Red Sox and the championship town they call home. Lately, for a person to admit they are a fan of the seven time World Champions has been not only a difficult task, but an embarrassing one too. With last season’s fallout between the firing of whom some consider the best manager in the team’s history and the scandal regarding clubhouse etiquette, management decided to pull up some new players in a gamble that made sense at the time. But after seeing the team play as they are, I have made some observations of how the players are playing and who’s playing this way.

First off, I want to ask one question; why does a baseball player play baseball? Is it because he likes the game, because he’s good at it, because he can get paid good money, to become famous, or just to be the best of the best? I think that for most of the seasoned players out there it’s for the money, while on the other hand, I think the rookies are trying to work their way up the sports ladder; to one day become a Pedroia or an Ellsbury. Once they make the team and they assert why they have decided to play the game, a player must ask himself how far he wants to take the game, for how long he wants to play, and what his goal is while he’s in the Majors. I believe that the average player only wants to take the game as far as need be, and to play as long as they feel like playing. However, I think the main goal for a player is to win the World Series, or to be on a team that wins the World Series. When you look at the Sox’s team, you realize that the majority of the team has been with the team for at least one, if not two World Championships. Put yourself into those players’ shoes, playing for one of the League’s best teams, with a Championship ring already in your possession. Would you, making millions of dollars a year, try your absolute hardest if you knew that you could retire comfortably, with lots of publicity, and still look good to the city that loved you for all your glory years? I’ll tell you right now, I wouldn’t. This is the way the veterans are thinking and playing, like soldiers, with no desperation to continue the war. The rookies are really being played in this monopoly because they have no certain future, no multi-million dollar mansion waiting for them when they go home each night, no assurance that next year they’ll even be on a team.

But, as they say, all Rome’s have their fall. The once great empire that was lead by none other than Terry (Tito) Francona has fallen to the very same warriors who constructed it from the ground up. Even though great teams like the Yankees have had championship winning streaks, the Red Sox were lucky merely to break the curse of the Bambino. For all the old timers out there, they’re happy with the Sox’s performance, since they never expected to see them win a World Series. Us younger ones want to see the Sox win every game, every playoff series, and to us, losing just isn’t in our vocabulary. If the Sox want to have any chance to reach the playoffs this year, management needs to realize their mistake, and replace the whole team.


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