She’s the Man is the Movie to Watch

She’s the Man is an excellent movie for almost everybody. It is funny, cute, and even boys will like it. The main character, Viola, is played by a teen favorite Amanda Bynes. Teenagers remember her from her hit tv shows The Amanda Show, and What I like About You. Another actor in this film is Channing Tatum. The two together are funny and cute, making the movie even better. Watching this movie will lift your spirits and leave you with a smile on your face.
This movie has something for everyone, adults and children. The story line is vaguely based on Shakespeare’s play, Twelfth Night. This will make the movie more enjoyable for adults because they can make connections between the two. Having soccer in the movie proves to be a big plus as well. This keeps the movie more interesting, adding something for boys too. To watch any sport for guys and girls keeps the movie on its toes, engaging the audience. Throughout the whole movie you are left wondering how it will end and if she will get caught. You can tell that the two main characters are falling in love with each other but you are not sure if they will be together in the end. Taking a twist on a classic play, romance, funny actors, and sports makes this movie irresistible.

While watching this movie you will never get bored. There is always something new coming that you will not expect, and even though the ending is fairly predictable, the rest of the movie is not. To watch a movie and not get bored is rare these days. She’s the man will leave you laughing, smiling, and I guarantee you will want to watch this movie again and again. If your goal is to genuinely laugh at a movie, this is the perfect movie for you. This movie will leave you one hundred percent satisfied, and I highly suggest watching it.


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