Why the Books Get Worse as You Read

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The Hunger Games Trilogy starts off excellent with the Hunger Games. However, over the course of the trilogy each book gets worse. Reading the Hunger Games was well worth the time. Spending your time to read the second book was also well used. However, the original was still better. By the time you got to the last book, though, it was dragged out much longer than it should have been. The final book, Mockingjay, has a great beginning. This book is set up to be better than the original and sequel, but the problem is the ending. The ending is predictable and repetitive like any other ending.

The best part about the Hunger Games is its originality, making it the best book out of the three. This idea had never been released in a book before. The idea of magic had already been used up with the Harry Potter books. However the idea of a post-apocalyptic world where children fight to the death annually is original. In fact, to this day I don’t think one person has thought of writing a book like that other than Suzanne Collins. Catching Fire, the second in the series is a great book because there is a twist. I won’t say what the twist is for those people who haven’t read it, but to skip something else to read this would be well worth your time. The book Mockingjay wasn’t as good because the idea wasn’t as original as the first two books. Personally, I think Suzanne Collins spent less time writing the last book then she did on the other two books.

All of those things make the first two books in the series better than the last book: Mockingjay. If you sat down in a comfortable chair, reading this series would be a pleasure. It would only be a pleasure if you didn’t mind that the main part was kids fighting to the death, and lots of people dying. In the end I think Suzanne Collins did a wonderful job with all three of her books, writing the first two more skillfully. The series as a whole was one of the best series that I’ve ever read, and I have to give her credit for getting three bestsellers as not many people do that.


3 thoughts on “Why the Books Get Worse as You Read

  1. Writing a trilogy must be tough, especially when the first becomes a blockbuster. I think Hunger Games the first installment really caught on because of the unique plot. Keeping that same energy must have been tough. I’m keeping my eye on Divergent by Veronica Roth. The second installment Insurgent is due out in May.
    Happy Pages,

  2. That is very true the Hunger Games Trilogy ending was disappointing and was not original like Hunger Games and Catching Fire.

  3. It depends on what drew you into the first book. If it was the idea of the arena that drew you in chances are you are not going to find Mockingjay that interesting. And a series first book isn’t going to be like the last one. The storyline has to develop so that the book can go some where. For me as long as there are surprises and events that keep me reading, that book has been pretty successful. On another hand I think Suzanne Collins avoided the “curse of the sequel” Catching Fire is my favorite in the Hunger Games series.

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